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Karete Chops Diabetes

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Be part of the excitement. Be part of the Cure. Get involved.

Kids living with Type 1 Diabetes can take no day off from pricking their finger to draw blood to test or from taking some form of insulin injection to keep them living a healthy life.  And that is everyday whether they are sick or sad, have an exam or a big game, whether it is Christmas or their birthday.

It will remain that way until there is a cure.  In watching thestrength of the hundreds of kids having to endure this – it has inspired Karate Chops Diabetes to develop the No Day Off Challenge to raise money to help cure diabetes.

The challenge is simple, do something for 4 days straight – walk in the park, run, do push ups, paint, visit your grandmother – the skies the limit, make it challenging and make it fun.  Once completed, make a $20 donation to the “No Day Off” challenge, then pick 3 other people and you choose a challenge for them to take on 4 days.

However if you opt out or don’t complete the 4 days, make a $40donation.  So have fun, be creative and remember this is all for a wonderful cause.

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